About Us

Our Vision

As our world is quickly becoming more fitness-oriented, many people are trying out new things. There are new fitness trends almost every day, and people want to get fit. The reality of today is that we don't stay in one place anymore. Whether it's work travel or being at school, Konpeto is here to help you find a fitness partner wherever you go. This way, you can live your healthy lifestyle and keep up with your training- while meeting people like you everywhere!

Our Story

I have always been an extremely active and fitness-oriented person. When I got to college, I was very involved in running, yoga and weight lifting, and it really made me feel great. I felt strong and healthy, and generally had great energy levels. However, somedays I had a harder time getting a long run or lifting session in, like we all do. Luckily, I had found a few people with similar fitness goals as me that I could work out with, and train for competitions with.

Whenever I went home for the summer or went on a trip somewhere, it was hard not having those workout partners at my disposal. I can get a great workout in on my own, but I undoubtedly test my limits more when I'm with someone else. This is when I felt the need for Konpeto. There was no social media outlet available for me to find someone with a similar running pace or training plan, and I felt the need to provide this to myself and others.

Now, no matter if you're on a business trip, at school, or just looking for someone to work out with in your area, Konepto is here to help.

Breana Jenkins

Founder & CEO

I am an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in biological sciences. I absolutely LOVE the fitness lifestyle. From nutrition, to exercise regimen to meditation and recovery, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't want to learn more. My favorite form of exercise is long distance running, closely followed by bootcamp/HIIT workouts. I am planning on training for my first full marathon this spring!